Thadeus Parkland began his hairdressing career in the DFW area of Texas. Beginning as an apprentice, his fifteen tenure with the same company led him to leadership roles in key business areas. Co-managing multiple salons, managing the inventory and supply cycle and eventually overseeing the business as a whole. The salon chain owners were amazing mentors to him and provided a strong understanding of how the business operated, both from a human asset and a material perspective. An opportunity to lead a product development project for the company opened the door to move into the industry’s development and manufacturing side.

Working with key industry leaders, the perspective he garnered, along with the knowledge of the manufacturing industry, led him to another move into the pharmaceutical industry.

A willingness to learn and create opportunities opened doors and provided success, along with early retirement at the age of fifty-five.

Always connected to his love for the Arts and Sciences of Cosmetology, he was compelled to return to the industry with a goal to help others achieve their success through business consulting.

He began case studies with industry professionals researching the shift in the industry from commission-based salons to independent ownership. What he learned about their challenges has been compiled into 10 Things You Should Know.

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Henry Notenburg, or Hank as his friends called him, never asked for the gift he carried; the ability to sense spiritual energy from other planes. Many years of physical danger, anxiety, and sorrow in his life was due to his sensitivity. 

Hank learned early on; he shouldn’t tell people about his conversations with the spirit world. Speaking about what the spirits were up to rarely went well for him, especially when he shared too much. These interactions with the dead led to heartbreak as his lovers struggled with the phenomena invading their lives.

 Discovering his ancestors, playing with spiritual worlds they didn’t understand, opened a gateway they could not have predicted the outcome. It would become Hank’s duty to bring the spirit’s rage to an end. Always pushing forward, his goal was to have a life free from his night terrors. He would suffer through multiple visits from nocturnal demons; three times, they would attempt to stop him without success. Would their fourth visit be his demise?

Hank must find a way to clean this up; he just doesn’t know-how.


Mary, near death, reveals to her daughter in law the unfathomable act she committed some fifty years ago. The man she raised was not actually hers; Mary tells how she stole her son from another woman to raise as her own.

Her life had not been the fairy tale promised to her as a child, leading her to commit heinous acts; these were not out of malice but out of a deep-seated desire to have a child of her own.

This desire leads Mary to befriend a young teenage girl who was all alone and pregnant in The City. Bringing her home to live with her and her husband, Mary secretly hopes to fill her maternal needs. Her being unable to have a child as a result of circumstances forced upon her at a young age, Mary hoped helping Beatrice would mend the hole in her soul.

After the child is born, Beatrice changes courses leaving Mary to make a choice; the young boy and his new family would disappear to find a new life without his birth mother.

Both Mary and Beatrice’s lives were impacted by selfish people who used them for what they had to offer, their bodies. Each one forced to live in ways they had never imagined. 

 The end result, each of them gave back to the world in unimaginable ways.

Thadeus Parkland, former Business Development and Projects Teams manager for a contract manufacturing company provides a 30,000 foot look into launching a product line. With 20 plus years experience launching products into the consumer marketplace from the manfucaturers perspective; details inside offer insight to manage expectations for the newcomers to the customer products industry.


Things you never knew you needed to know or thought you should ask are outlined in a simple, straight forward way to digest manner.

Only Available in E-Book